ABC's 'DWTS' Wants Paula Deen

paula woed by dwts

Celebrity chef Paula Deen has been offered a fall gig on ABC's 'Dancing with the Stars,' according to a report on VH1.

Following the roughest week of her life, the former Food Network star might look at this as a golden opportunity to stem the tide that has brought her empire to its knees following her N-word scandal.

This isn't the first time that the popular celebrity dance competition has approached Paula about shaking her booty.  In 2010 she turned them down and said, "Fat girls don't look good sweating."

That was then and this is now.  With Target, Walmart , K Mart, QVC and other retailers no longer willing to sell Paula's cookware and recipe books, it might well be a prudent idea to put on her dancing slippers.

'DWTS' has previously featured a number of controversial celebs, including former reality stars Kate Gosselin and Bristol Palin.

Dance pro Derek Hough is fresh off yet another win -- this time with country hottie Kellie Pickler.  Pairing him up with Deen might be a stretch but it would certainly make for some great television.  Yes? No?

Photo:  Twitter-DWTS, Inset-WENN