Duck Dynasty Adds Beardless Brother Alan Robertson to the Show

alan robertson duck dynasty

A&E hit reality show 'Duck Dynasty' is adding beardless brother Alan Robertson, 47, to the series about a quirky millionaire family who manufacture duck calls in West Monroe, Louisiana.

The clean-shaven pastor will appear during the 4th season of 'DD' with his younger siblings Willie, Jase and Jep and their parents Phil and Kay.

Alan's new title within the family business is Beards and Beauty Wranger, which is 'Duck Dynasty' speak for public relations dude.

He hopes the television gig, with its 10 million viewers, will allow him to spread the word of God to more people.

Alan said, "What I do for our church -- you see, it's a pretty good-sized church -- impacts a lot of people, but because of my association with the show, I'll get to minister to a lot more people. Any person that's an evangelist, that's what you want to do, so I had to give this up for something possibly bigger."

The eldest brother suggested that he may have to quit shaving because "the beards are so iconic."  He admits he does let his whiskers sprout during deer hunting season so he can get the job done if the brothers insist.

Alan told the Post, "All this time, I've been flying under the radar; I can go to Starbucks and get Mama coffee." His father Phil added, "That is about to change."

The new season of the A&E reality show will premiere on Wednesday, August 14 10/9c.

Photo Credit: A&E