Kat Von D Ends Engagement with Cheater Deadmau5

kat von d and deadmau5 split

Tattoo artist Kat Von D confirmed on Twitter yesterday that she and Deadmau5 have ended their engagement because she discovered he was playing around.
kat von d twitter

Kat, who previously dumped Jesse James for similar sins, hooked up with the Canadian musician in September 2012 and accepted an engagement ring in December -- after a brief breakup a month earlier.

The always resilient tattoo artist lamented on Twitter, "Man, I'm a fool."  She didn't wallow for long, adding:

kat von d tweet

Deadmau5 referenced the change in his status with this tweet:
deadmau5 tweet

The musician was singing a totally different tune six months ago when he proposed to Von D on Twitter, "I can't wait for Christmas so...Katherine Von Drachenberg, will you marry me?"

Von D's claim to fame was a four season stint on the TLC reality show 'LA Ink.' The spin-off of 'Miami Ink' premiered in 2007 and ended two years ago.

Photo: WENN