Sarah Palin Rocks Pink Polka Dot Mini Skirt on Fox & Friends

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin was looking slim and trim in a black mini-skirt embellished with pink polka dots during a guest appearance on Fox & Friends in Manhattan on Monday.

She and hubby Todd Palin were happy to cooperate with photographers outside of Fox News Studios.  She signed a few autographs while he carried a shoulder tote that presumably contained electronic devices and reams of paper containing her talking points.

The couple attended the Faith & Freedom Coalition's 2013 Road to Majority Conference in D.C. on Saturday, where the Tea Party politician delivered a speech that included a shout out to Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

Palin said, "Now, you know what I wish the Congress would do, be it just for a week, perhaps?  Just put themselves on Cruz control - Ted Cruz control.  Just for a week.  And let's see where things go.  I think we'd see some solutions."

On June 23 (ABC, 8 p.m. ET) daughters Willow and Bristol Palin will appear on the season premiere of the Lifetime reality show 'Celebrity Wife Swap.'  They will trade lives with Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa.

Check out a video clip below:

Photos:  WENN, Twitter-Sarah Palin, Twitter-Celebrity Wife Swap