Reggie Bush Debuts First Photo of Baby Daughter

reggie bush and his baby daughter briseis

Father's Day provided the perfect opportunity for a number of celebrities, including NFL player Reggie Bush, to show off the first photos of their babies on social media.

The Detroit Lions running back posted an Instagram image of his adorable 6-week-old daughter Briseis, who was delivered by Reggie's fiancee Lilit Avagyan on May 6.

In the photo, the dark-haired cutie was rocking a green and white stripped onesie for her first official photo op.  Dad was dressed in what appeared to be business attire -- grey pants and a coordinating striped button up vest over a white shirt and tie.

Bush posted the photo the day after his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian gave birth to her own baby girl with baby daddy Kanye West.

The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' reality star and her rapper boyfriend have yet to break their silence following the early arrival of their daughter, who arrived five weeks before Kim's due date.

Photo:  Twitter-Reggie Bush