Mariah Carey Curses her GMA Wardrobe Malfunction

mariah wardrobe malfunction

Suffice it to say that Mariah Carey was not having a good morning during her Friday performance on ABC's 'GMA' show.

While chatting with host Lara Spencer, live from Central Park in Manhattan, the diva suffered a wardrobe malfunction when the back zipper on her slinky Versace dress popped open.

MC blurted, "Oh S***, the back of the dress just popped."  Lara responded, "It popped?"

Mariah lamented, "I love you Donatella, but it popped darling."

While several handlers attempted to pull the back of the dress together so that it could be temporarily fastened, the singer asked, "Is it gonna fall?"  Then referring to her ample cleavage, she announced,  "OK, both of them are out now."

Mariah joked, "What should we call this?  The Central Park Saga?"

Spencer responded emphatically, "I dare say this is a TV moment."

Check out the video below:

Photo:  Video Screen Grab