Amanda Bynes Arrested After Tossing Bong Out Window

amanda bynes photo

Actress Amanda Bynes was arrested last night at her midtown Manhattan apartment for possession of marijuana and throwing evidence out the window.

NYPD received a 911 report from another building resident that Bynes had rolled a joint in the lobby and was now smoking it and exhibiting strange behavior.

Police forced their way into Bynes West 47th Street apartment at 7:40 p.m., where they encountered a thick haze of smoke and witnessed her tossing her bong out a window.

The former child actress was transported to Roosevelt Hospital for evaluation before being taken to a police lockup, where she was charged with criminal possession of pot, reckless endangerment and felony tampering with evidence.

Bynes was arraigned in night court just before midnight and has since been cooling her heels for her date with a judge this morning.

TMZ has a video of the perp being led out of her apartment in handcuffs and her wig on crooked - watch here.

Earlier this week Amanda tried to board a private jet at Teterboro Airport for a trip to L.A.  She didn't pass muster because she couldn't produce a single shred of identification.

She told the pilot that her drivers license had been suspended but he should Google her name and that would prove her identify.  That request didn't fly ... and neither did she.

Photo Credit: Amanda Bynes Twitter