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‘Argo’ producer Ben Affleck was joined during this week’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ opening monologue by his gorgeous wife Jennifer Garner.

The 40-year-old Academy Award-winning actor, during his fifth hosting appearance, poked fun at his 2013 Oscar acceptance speech after inviting his spouse to join him on stage.

Rocking a stunning black gown, Jen greeted her hubby with a kiss. He then proceeded to admit that giving an award speech can be terrifying and it is easy to mess up.

Ben noted, “I thanked my wife while saying the essence of marriage is ‘work.’ Some uncharitable souls on the Internet took that to mean our marriage is some kind of manual labor. That’s not it.”

She clarified, “We use the term ‘work’ to define how we talk privately about our commitment to keeping our relationship strong. Not sure why you have to share it live with a billion people, but…”

He asked her, “What would you have called it in a speech?” She promptly responded, “A GIFT. I would have said, ‘Thank you to my wife – our marriage is a gift.”

Audience laughter made her bolder. “Maybe we should discuss who actually does all the work.”

Affleck then proceeded to lavish several compliments on his wife. She responded, “You’re reading that from a cue card.”

When he told her, “I love you,” she kissed her husband on the lips and gave him one parting shot, “Thank you, you’re a lot of work!”

He whispered something personal to her as she left the stage.

Check out the video below:

Photo: Video Screen Grab