Hugh Hefner Buys Hollywood Hills Mansion for Crystal Harris

Hugh Hefner, 87, is setting up his young bride Crystal Harris, 27, for the day he goes to Playboy heaven and she gets evicted from their current digs.

The businessman and philanthropist has purchased a $5 million Hollywood Hills mansion, in both of their names, with the intention that it will be held in trust for his future widow when he goes to the great beyond.

He has decided to get his duck in a row because the Playboy mansion is owned by Playboy Enterprises.  Hef knows that when he kicks the proverbial bucket his pretty young wife will be promptly booted from their love nest.

The new home boasts 5,900 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 5 baths an infinity pool and beautiful scenery.  It appears to be modern and perfect for a young beauty like Crystal.  We're guessing she is already thinking about how she might furnish her future residence...

Crystal and Hef are still in honeymoon mode in their "rented" digs some four-plus months after their New Year's Eve nuptials.  We think Harris is a lucky woman indeed to have her man see to her future so that she isn't forced to duke it out with his kids.

Hugh recently announced that his youngest son, Cooper, would succeed him and eventually help run the Playboy Empire.

hugh hefner and crystal harris photo

You can see the full gallery of their new Hollywood Hills home here.

Photo Credit:  MLS-WENN