Savannah Guthrie Engaged to Mike Feldman

savannah guthrie engaged to mike feldman

TODAY co-host Savannah Guthrie announced this morning that she is engaged to political consultant Mike Feldman.

The 41-year-old television personality showed off her engagement sparkler at the top of the show Monday, May 13, and her sidekick, Matt Lauer, was given the honor of sharing a Twitpic and the news on Twitter with this message, "Big news from Savannah!"

Feldman, 44, is a public relations and communications consultant and founding partner and managing director of the Glover Park Group.

In 1992, at age 24, he joined Bill Clinton's campaign staff and later served as V.P. Al Gore's deputy director of legislative affairs from 1993 to 1997.  He went on to become a senior advisor to Gore during his failed run for president.  He reportedly played a key role in Gore's decision to contest the results in Florida.

Savannah and Mike have been together for four years.  She met her previous husband, BBC television reporter Mark Orchard, during the Michael Jackson trial.  Their union spanned 2005-2009.

savannah engaged to michael feldman

Check out the big announcement on video below:

Photos:  Twitter-Matt Lauer, Twitter-Mike Feldman, Twitter-Al Roker