Donald Trump Gives Martha Stewart his Blessing

martha stewart narrows the field

Martha Stewart must be breathing a huge sigh of relief now that Donald Trump has voiced his approval as she searches for Mr. Right on the popular dating website

The decidedly opinionated real estate mogul hit Twitter with an uncharacteristically kind greeting for his fellow New Yorker:

donald trump gives martha a shout out

Martha, worth a reported $650 million, received over 20,000 page views within days after joining and has already selected two prospects out of 1,000 date requests.

The men appeared with the 71-year-old media maven Thursday on TODAY.  Stan is a filmmaker, director and writer.  Larry is an international steel trader.  They are both 68 and work in New York and New Jersey.

It turns out that Stan actually filmed a number of Kmart commercials featuring Stewart many years ago.  He told Lauer, "I always really liked Martha; how could you not?"

Because of her celebrity status, Stewart got some personalized VIP treatment from CEO, Sam Yagan, as she navigated her way through the online questionnaire.

He stated emphatically, "There's no question that Martha is one of the most popular members ever to join Match."

Photo: Twitter-TODAY