Bridezillas Spinoff: Marriage Bootcamp Bridezillas

danni starr

WE tv network has ordered a 10th season of the popular reality series 'Bridezillas' and because of the shows popularity--they are also adding a spinoff, 'Marriage Bootcamp: Bridezillas.'

Bitten and Bound's former writer Danni Starr, seen above, appeared on several episodes of 'Bridezillas' with her then fiance Marlon and they will now be featured on the first season of 'Marriage Bootcamp: Bridezillas.'

The spinoff will follow five former "bridezillas" as they try to save their floundering marriages while all living under one roof.

They were subjected to a decidedly extreme bootcamp environment while working through their marriage demons before answering the BIG question - 'Is their marriage worth saving?'

With their marriages in shambles, the married couples spent two full weeks at a camp run by the husband and wife counseling team of Jim and Elizabeth Carroll.  Other on-site counselors included Dana Hamman and David Bishop.

After attempting to get to the root of their marital woes, the husbands have to decided whether staying married to a "bridezilla" is really worth it.

There will be nine hour-long episodes of 'Marriage Bootcamp' and we are excited to check it out.  The reality show is produced by Thinkfactory Media, in cooperation with September Films, the production company behind 'Bridezillas.'

The show is slated to air at the end of May.  Stay tuned ... we'll be updating with exact date and time.

Check out the video of Danni and Marlon on 'Bridezilla' below:

Photo Credit: Danni Facebook