Amanda Knox to be Retried for Murder in Italy

amanda knox case will be retried in italy

Italian Supreme Court judges overturned the acquittal of Amanda Knox on Tuesday and ruled that she and her former boyfriend must be retried for the murder of her former roommate.

She released this statement: "It was painful to receive the news that the Italian Supreme Court decided to send my case back for revision when the prosecution's theory of my involvement in Meredith's murder has been repeatedly revealed to be completely unfounded and unfair."

"No matter what happens, my family and I will face this continuing legal battle as we always have, confident in the truth and with our heads held high in the face of wrongful accusations and unreasonable adversity."

The woman dubbed 'Foxy Knoxy' served four years of a 26-year sentence for the murder of British exchange student Meredith Kercher, 21, who was found slain on Nov. 1, 2007, in the apartment that the two college students shared.

Amanda's boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, an Italian engineering student, was implicated in the crime and sent to prison.

Knox and Sollecito were released in May 2011 when 11-members of Italian parliament issued a document criticizing the evidence that resulted in the guilty verdicts.  They said in a letter to Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, "These distortions, not without reason, are fueling accusations against the administration of justice in our country."

The retrial will take place at the appeal court in Florence next year, and Knox will not be required to return to Italy.  Experts believe it is unlikely extradition efforts would be successful even if she is convicted.

The Seattle college student, 25, is getting ready to launch a book titled 'Waiting to be Heard,' set to release on April 30, 2013.  She was paid $4 million by publisher HarperCollins in a deal negotiated by Washington, D.C.-based lawyer Robert Barnett.

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