Danni Allen Wins 'Biggest Loser: Challenge America'

danni allen biggest loser

The 'Biggest Loser: Challenge America' winner is Danni Allen, who took home the $250k grand prize after beating out her closest competitor by a single pound.

The advertising account coordinator from Wheeling, Illinois started out weighting 258.  She blew away the other contestants by losing 121 lbs., giving her an impressive overall weight loss percentage of 46.9 - she weighed in last night at 137.

Danni made it clear before stepping on the scale that she was good either way.  She spread her arms wide and said, "At the end of the day, look at me!"

Jeff Nichols came to the ranch weighing 388.  He finish the competition in second spot at 207 lbs., a percentage of 46.65 for his efforts.

The third member vying for the top prize was Jackson Carter, who didn't find out until the start of the finale that he had been voted in by viewers to participate for $250K.   His starting weight was 328 and he finished the season in third place at a weight of 190, a loss of 42.07 percent.

gina mcdonald

The rest of the field competed for the $100k at-home prize.  Attorney Gina McDonald from Hoover, Alabama won by losing 46.12 percent of her body weight loss, trimming down from 245 to 132 lbs.

Lisa Rambo, our personal favorite, finished second  The high school special-education assistant from Hudson, Wisconsin lost 43.9 percent of her body weight, starting out at 246 and finishing strong at 138 lbs.  Rambo looked simply stunning - check out her story.

lisa rambo and her trainer dolvett

We can't forget about the three teen contestants who were featured throughout the season as part of the new childhood obesity campaign.  Lindsay Bravo lost 47 lbs., Noah 'Biingo' Gray lost 43 lbs., and Sanjana 'Sunny' Chandrasekar lost 51 lbs.  They all looked fantastic and were brimming with new-found confidence!

Photo Credit: Video Screen Grab, Twitter-Lisa Rambo