Halle Berry Rocks Sexy Vibe and Jay Leno

halle berry picture

Halle Berry was dressed to stun last night during a guest appearance on the 'Tonight Show,' a situation that wasn't lost on her host Jay Leno.

She wore a low-cut strapless dress that revealed a great deal of cleavage.  Frankly ... we aren't even sure what she talked about. We kid, we kid.

During her chat with Leno, the actress commented on another sexy gown, the Donatella Versace dress that she wore to the Oscars.

halle berry oscars

Berry said, “I had a conversation with Donatella Versace and told her that I really wanted to go to the Oscars as a Bond Girl, if a Bond Girl would go in 2013. So she came up with her idea of what it was, but she’s out of the country."

"She put it in a suitcase and shipped it here, and I got it the day before the Oscars.  I had some other dress I was going to wear, which was beautiful. But I pulled this out and it fit perfectly, and I just thought, ‘Wow.’”

Halle said she felt like she was "wearing a Ferrari" and then Jay of course took that to a whole different level --wondering if she could drive a stick.  It was kinda creepy coming from Jay.

Halle confirms she'll reprise her role as the weather-manipulating mutant Storm in 'X-Men: Days of Future Past.'

Check out Halle's Leno dress below.  Love it or hate it?

Photo Credit: WENN