Wynonna Judd Gets DWTS Advice from Mentor Kirstie Alley

dwts wynonna judd and tony dovolani

With just one week to go before Wynonna Judd hits the 'Dancing with the Stars' stage for her debut performance with pro Toni Dovolani, the country singer admits she is nervous.

The veteran entertainer has relied on two-time 'DWTS' alum Kirstie Alley for some sage wisdom that will give her a leg up in the celebrity competition.

Judd said, "Kirstie's become my mentor in telling me, 'Get two buckets, get some ice, have them ready in the car when you're done."

The former 'Cheers' star dropped an amazing amount of weight during her two appearances on the popular ABC reality dance competition.

Wynonna revealed, "I was obsessed the first couple of days, I weighed myself after the second day.  One day, I had lost 2 lbs., and I thought if this is how it is going to be... and I went there for a minute, and then I stopped myself."

She is trying to feed on the support she is getting from social media.  "My fans have been saying to me, 'You're an incredible talent and I know you're going to do great.  Just enjoy it and relax.'  Relax?  Really?  In front of millions of people.  OK."

Season 16 premieres Monday March 18 at 8/7c on ABC.

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