Vince Neil Rushed to Hospital During Aussie Show

vince neil hospitalized

Motley Crue star Vince Neil cut his performance short last night at the Sydney Allphones Arena after experiencing severe stomach pain during the groups second Australian gig.

The heavy metal vocalist was rushed to an emergency room with a suspected case of kidney stones.

His band mate Nikki Sixx released an apology to their fans on his Twitter page, "Sorry Sydney for a short set tonight but Vince had to be rushed to the hospital for internal pain. Will update you on his progress."

Mick Mars also released his own apology, "Vince had an attack of kidney stones. He went straight from stage to the hospital."

The 80's rock band is touring Australia with Kiss and Thin Lizzy.

motley crue and kiss

Vince tweeted last night, "Just out of surgery. Spent night in hospital probably have to again tonight. Thank you all for the kind words and prayers."

"Huge thank you to all the paramedics at the Allphones Arena, the ambulance paramedics, the nurses, doctors and Staff. Doc says I should have a full recovery and be back onstage for the Brisbane show tomorrow. Thanks to my band mates and crew for your support!"

Motley Crue, often described as the World's Most Notorious Rock Band, is one of the best-selling groups of all time, having sold over 75 million albums worldwide.

Motley Crue hit 'Dr. Feelgood' seems like the perfect song to wish Vince Neil a speedy recovery.  Take a walk down memory lane below:

Photo Credit: WENN