Kat Von D of 'L.A. Ink' Fame: Tattoo Gallery

kat von d and boyfriend

Former 'LA Ink' reality star Kat Von D got her first tattoo and age 14 and quit school at the age of 16 to become a tattoo artist.

She snagged the TLC series in 2007, chronicling the work at her tattoo shop High Voltage Tattoo in Los Angeles for four seasons.

The 31-year-old ink artist is engaged to Joel Zimmerman aka DJ Deadmau5, after accepting his Twitter proposal in mid-December.

Aside from her reality show success, Kat gained additional notoriety when she started dating West Coast Chopper badboy Jesse James.  She broke off their engagement in 2011 after discovering that he cheated on her with 19 other women.

Check out the Kat tattoo gallery below:

Photo Credit: WENN