Maria Menounos Tweets Hot Bikini Photos


In a photo now seen by millions, Maria Menounos shows she has serious game!  We may be a day or two late on this post but we think it's still newsworthy.

The 'Extra' co-host is gorgeous AND buff, as evidenced by her smokin' hot bikini body.

Over the weekend, the 'Adventures of Serial Buddies' star was in Palm Springs enjoying a little relaxation with friends.  She and her BFF Valarie Fatehi set up their own mock photo shoot and captured a pic of Maria provocatively lounging on a diving board.

maria menounos bikini pic

In another pose, Menounos had her finger to her lips as she feigned hiding in the bushes.

Wondering how to get Maria's hot bod?  The television personality recently shared some of her secrets with Us Weekly.

"I like to jog and I try to focus on floor-based Pilates to strengthen and lengthen.  I'm not someone who carries any kind of serious routine. I try to keep a healthy attitude about it. I deal with whatever it is. The most I will do before a beach trip is run a few nights before."

Photo Credit: Instagram-Twitter, WENN