Justin Bieber Does Damage Control After London Concert Fiasco

bieber does damage control after london fiasco

Justin Bieber hit Twitter Tuesday to apologize for making concert-goers wait for more than an hour past the scheduled start time in London on Monday night.

Ever since the pop singer turned 19 on Friday, his life has been something of a s*it show.  After tweeting "worst birthday ever" a few days ago, he disappointed an arena full of fans last night and later blamed it on "technical issues."

The British press slammed the singer for taking the stage at London's O2 well past 10 p.m. "on a school night" for fans.

One angry parent tweeted, "Who the hell does Justin Bieber think he is?  Not on stage yet?!  I hope everyone walks out of O2.  Bieber concert due to finish in 5 minutes, he's not even on stage yet."

Carley Rae Jepsen finished her set at 9:10 p.m. and the arena played Michael Jackson songs until an unapologetic Bieber came out at 10:15 p.m. to do his show.

The O2 arena sent out a Twitter message at 10: 36 p.m., assuring concert attendees that the British subway system would keep running past the normal schedule to accommodate the crowd who would be relying on public transportation to return to their homes.

After the media outcry, Bieber tweeted, "Last night I was scheduled after three opening acts to go on stage at 9:35 but because of some technical issues I got on at 10:10..so, I was 40 min. late to stage.  There is no excuse for that and I apologize for anyone we upset.  However it was a great show and I'm proud of that."

He later added, "Tonight we will run on time and look forward to putting on an amazing show for everyone in attendance.  I'm going to focus on the positive.  NIGHT 2 at the O2 is gonna be even better.  Get ready.  Thanks."

Bieber's birthday bash was foiled Friday night when he and his entourage were turned away from London's Cirque du Soir nightclub because the group included several underage teens, including Will and Jada Smith's 14-year-old Jaden Smith.

One Twitter photo showed the birthday boy without his shirt on.  Actress Olivia Wilde saw it on the social networking website and promptly tweeted, "Justin Bieber, put your f---ing shirt on."

Photo:  WENN