Tori Spelling Blasts Tabloid in Open Letter

tori spelling and dean mcdermott

Actress Tori Spelling has been forced to do damage control over what her children recently read on the cover of Star magazine at the grocery store.

The cover of the tabloid read: "$300 Million Divorce" and "Who will get the kids?"  ... tough stuff for impressionable children to discover and it sent their celebrity mother into a tailspin.

star magazine cover

Spelling hit twitter with this battle cry: "Star Magazine, this Mom's not gonna take it ... " that included a link to her blog, where she had far more to say:

"My son Liam is turning 6 in a couple weeks. His proudest achievement so far in his young life is that he is learning to read. Until now, when that pride turned to sorrow thanks to Star magazine. He first spotted me on the cover, then Dad, and then a picture of himself and his 3 younger siblings. He was able to read two things out loud, the word DIVORCE (which he proudly sounded out) and the caption above his picture which read "Who will get the kids?" He became terrified. I had to hurry him and his confused 4-year-old sister Stella out of the grocery store and into our car. By the time he was fastening himself into his car seat he was asking, "Why is someone getting us?? Where are you and Dad going?" He was anxiously biting his lower lip and his big blue eyes were filled with tears. My heart sank. How would I explain to my children that what these 3 writers who have never even met us but who claim to know the ins and outs of our relationship and have proudly put their names on this article are flat out writing lies?"

"Driving home I repeatedly told my children, 'That magazine doesn't know us. Daddy and I are very happy and in love. There will be no divorce and all of us will remain together as a family.'  Stella, my literal one, just kept saying 'But then why is it on the magazine? Magazines are true.' I wish that were always the case."

"What is the outcome of this story? Easy...  Next week they'll be reporting about some other couple splitting or someone having a breakdown and this will "have passed".  And, Dean and I will continue to love each other and our babies and be grateful for the lives we have. I know that. But, our children should never have to bear witness to lies and fabrications that affect their lives so that a media outlet can make money. That will always be wrong!"

Tori and Dean McDermott wed in 2006 and have four children: Liam, Stella, Hattie and Finn.

You can read the full open letter here.

Photo Credit: WENN, Twitter-Star Magazine