Lindsay Lohan Mulls Over Inspirational Speaking

lindsay lohan and mark heller a dynamic duo

According to her new lawyer, Lindsay Lohan has decided to turn her life around and hopes to become an inspirational speaker.

Mark Heller sent a letter to prosecutors and an L.A. judge in preparation for their meeting on Friday to negotiate a settlement involving the reckless driving and obstruction charges she picked up after slamming her Porsche into a truck on the Pacific Coast Highway in June.

Heller wrote, "Lindsay has asked me to facilitate an in-person meeting with the prosecutor...not to discuss the merits of her defense but rather for Lindsay to introduce herself and personally affirm her commitment and dedication to fixing the problems."

"Lindsay will gladly be participating in intensive psychotherapy, submitting herself to regular screenings and contributing her time to the production of public-service messages and periodic visits to schools, hospitals and other venues where she may provide inspirational talks, encouraging children to pursue positive goals and avoid bad habits."

Lohan, 26, could face 245 days in jail if a judge decides her conduct in June 2012 violated the terms of her probation that was set when he let her off the hook on the 2011 necklace theft.

Her legal eagle plans to ask the judge to dismiss the case against Lohan because officers did not comply when she asked to speak with an attorney before they interviewed her.  Because every savvy lawyer has a Plan B, he fired off the letter promising all of the wonderful things that his client would do to make up for past wrongs.

Photo:  WENN