Glass Concept Home Designed by Carlo Santambrogio

glass concept home in milan italy

Architect and glass designer Carlo Santambrogio has constructed a glass house in Milan, Italy.

Privately situated on a clearing within a wooded landscape is the Glass Concept Home -- an extraordinary architectural wonder.

The blue-tinged cube glass cube is made almost entirely of 6 to 7 millimeter glass, including many furniture pieces, like the dining room table, stairs and bookcases.

The glass can also be specially heated during the winter.

"After the client requested it, I came up with the project idea," says Santambrogio.

The glass house is currently just as the name implies...a concept, and the photos are computer generated images released by Santambrogio to showcase his glass furniture line, Simplicity, which is featured in the photos.

Artistic images also show the home on a cliff side, with some breathtaking scenery.

"The aim of the project was to give transparent shape to a precise and essential way of conceiving and living the spaces," says Santabrogio.

If you have the money, the home is available from Santambrogio's London Portland Street showroom at a cost of £4,000 ($6,200 USD) per square meter.

More photos of Carlo Santambrogio's Glass Concept Home below.

photos: WENN