Honey Boo Boo: Mama June Unchanged by Fame

honey boo boo and mama june

Hit reality show "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" has its critics but the numbers prove that people are watching.

Mama June Shannon spoke with the Huffington Post about fame and how she and her family are handling it.  One thing she knows for sure, her daughters will not become jaded like the Kardashians.

“My girls are not high-maintenance like them. They prefer to play in the mud rather than shop for new clothes. My girls are not labels. My kids love knowing who they are and know who they are, so, no.”

“We are just everyday people. We don't consider ourselves celebrities. We still have respect for people just like we did before. We have not let the fame go to our head because we are people people. We love to hang out with our fans. We love to meet them."

"We do meet people at our house, they pull up and some conversations last two minutes, some conversations last two to three hours.  I’m the same person I was six months before all this started. You just know where you come from and don't forget the people before all this came.”

All the criticism doesn't bother June who knows that her family is the butt of many jokes, “I know who I am. People are crazy and what’s so funny to me is the haters that talk about our show, they can quote just about everything.  So those haters know every detail of our show and keep our ratings up just as much as die-hard fans. It's kind of funny, you hate our show so much, how do you know so much about it?”

Check out video of Honey Boo Boo ice skating:

Photo Credit:  WENN.com