Clive Davis Tells Katie Couric, 'I'm Bisexual' VIDEO

clive davis comes out to katie couric1

Music industry executive Clive Davis revealed during an interview with Katie Couric that after a failed marriage in the 80's he discovered that he was bisexual.

Why would an 80-year-old business mogul speak out now?  The music veteran has a book that is set to launch today.  'The Soundtrack of My Life,' released by Simon & Schuster will cover his five decades in the business with shared snippets of a decidedly personal nature.

Davis revealed that after the breakup of his marriage, "I opened myself up to the possibility that I could have a relationship with a man as well as the two that I had with a woman.  I'm also attracted to women.  You don't have to be only one thing or another.  For me, it's the person."

The father of four told Couric that he is currently "in a monogamous relationship."

You can catch the entire interview Tuesday, Feb 19, on the ABC syndicated talk show 'Katie.'

Check out a clip from the interview below: