Justin Bieber Tweets 'SNL' Rehearsal Photos

justin bieber gets ready to host snl

As New York City and the rest of the Eastern Seaboard brace for a major winter blizzard, Justin Bieber is busy rehearsing for this hosting gig on 'Saturday Night Live.'

In addition to providing the opening monologue and appearing in a number of skits, the Bieb will also be filling the role of musical guest.

A group of fans have been waiting outside of NBC Rock Center since early this morning in an attempt to snag stand-by tickets.  While that is not a guarantee that they will get in the door with the other ticketed guests on Saturday, their chances have improved significantly because the brewing storm will likely keep some show-goers from venturing into Manhattan.

Normally the stand-by seats aren't handed out until Saturday morning but SNL has agreed to dole them out at 11:00 p.m. Friday because of the weather.

storm what storm

The teen icon was so impressed that fans were camped out in a storm in order to score tickets to SNL that he sent them a special surprise and tweeted, "Everybody outside be safe.  Enjoy the pizza. #BIEBERonSNL"
bieber fans eat pizza outside of nbc 30 rock

Bieber has been working with ensemble cast members Kenan Thompson and Jason Sudeikis on a number of promo clips.  Check them out below:

Photos:  Twitter-Justin Bieber, SNL