Celebrities Who Got Their Start on Mickey Mouse Club

gosling could have been a backstreet boy

Gosling missed his chance to be a Backstreet Boy...

A.J. McLean of Backsteet Boys fame lived in the same building as Ryan Gosling when the boys were New York City teens in the early 90's.  Both could have hooked up in the same boy band except that Gosling was busy with Disney's 'Mickey Mouse Club' remake.

The handsome actor recently told Celebuzz, "When I was doing the 'Mickey Mouse Club,' we were living in the same place.  McLean was saying how big they were going to be.  He had a poster of them in his house.  We were like, 'it's never going to happen.'  I was wrong."  He joked, "Now they're not taking my calls."

Things worked out for the 'Gangster Squad' actor after his three year stint as a Mouseketeer.   Actually he was among a group of other teens who later made it big in show business.

Also appearing on the 1993-1995 Disney gig were Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake - as seen in the vintage photo below:

mickey mouse club spawned 4 stars

Xtina recently stepped down as coach on 'The Voice,' and Brit Brit also bowed out of her mentor-judge gig on 'The X Factor' for a lucrative long-term gig at Caesars Palace in Vegas.  As for Timberlake, he released some new music earlier this week after a decade long hiatus.

Photos:  WENN