Best Quote of the Day: 'Honey Boo Boo' Star Mama June

honey boo boo and mama june

Have you watched the TLC reality show 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' lately?  We admit our mouth gets dry after viewing a 30 minute episode because we become slack-jawed from shock.

We've got a news flash.  Family matriarch Mama June Thompson recently revealed to TMZ that she has banned 'Crazy Tony' Lindsey from appearing in any future episodes of the reality show.

This is classic!  In November 'Crazy Tony' was arrested for his involvement in a dangerous highway stunt in Georgia involving someone dressed in a gorilla suit attempting to scare passing motorists.  There was alcohol involved and 5 adults were apprehended and charged with reckless conduct.

That was apparently too much for Mama June.  She claims, "We love him as a friend ... but that was a crazy story."  Feeling the need to explain her rationale, she added, "Not trying to be mean, but we want to keep it family-oriented."

Clearing up family tie innuendos,  June admits they call him cousin on the show but he really isn't, "Crazy Tony's just a family friend ... who is just crazy."

Tony is more than a little bummed by the news and suggests, "TV's changed that family."

Check out clips from recent episodes of the "family show" below:

Photo Credit:  WENN