Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Break Up

taylor swift and harry styles break up

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have called it quits.

Just days after sharing a New Year's Eve kiss and flying to Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands on New Year's Day, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have ended their short lived romance.

After a "blow up fight" with Styles, Swift caught an early morning flight off the island on January 4, looking none too happy on her boat ride to the airport.

Styles headed over to Richard Branson's private resort on Necker Island, where he reportedly hung out in the hot tub and mingled with female fans until the early morning hours, flying back to the U.K. the next day.

Swift took to Twitter on January 5, hinting that there was trouble in the relationship, posting, "...'til you put me down."

Break up song to follow...