White House Releases Obama's 'Lowest Moment' Photo

white house releases lowest moment photo

Barack Obama told the nation three weeks ago that learning of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut was the lowest point of his four years as president.

On the day the children returned to a new school in a neighboring town, the White House released the image showing the president with arms folded across his chest and his eyes closed as he takes in the news that was delivered by John Brennan, his deputy national security adviser on Friday, Dec. 14.

Hours later he addressed the nation as he wiped tears from his eyes and talked poignantly about the tragic deaths of 20 innocent children and six teachers.  Obama indicated that the mass shooting was "the worst day of my presidency."

There were lots of smiles on the faces of Newtown's children yesterday as they entered the classrooms of their new school.  Teachers took great pains to bring familiar items from their old classrooms to provide a sense of comfort.

The former Sandy Hook children were greeted Thursday by nine leashed therapy dogs as they entered the Chalk Hill School in neighboring Monroe.

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Photo:  White House