Nick Stahl Arrested in Hollywood for Lewd Conduct

nick stahl lewd conduct charge

Former child star Nick Stahl was arrested at a Hollywood adult movie shop Thursday on suspicion of lewd conduct.

The 'Terminator 3' actor was picked up as part of a sting by members of the LAPD vice unit that routinely monitors private booths at the business establishment.

Stahl, who appeared opposite Mel Gilbson in the film 'The Man Without a Face' at age 13, was taken into custody at 6:00 p.m. and released several hours later.

The 33-year-old actor did a stint in rehab in May after resurfacing from L.A.'s skid row a week after his wife Rose Murphy reported him missing.  The couple have a daughter, Marlo.

It is possible that the actor will have an opportunity to take part in a sex education diversion program instead of facing criminal prosecution.  That was the option that actor Fred Willard chose when he was nabbed by the same vice unit in July 2012.  PBS immediately replaced the veteran actor on 'Market Warriors' with Mark Wahlberg.

Photo:  WENN