Kelly Osbourne Covers Cosmopolitan Body: PHOTOS

kelly osbourne bikini photo

'Fashion Police' co-host Kelly Osbourne has maintained her 69 lb. weight loss since appearing three years ago on 'DWTS,' as evidenced by the latest cover of Cosmopolitan Body magazine.

During her Cosmo interview the 28-year-old said, "Working out is not fun, I'm not going to lie and say it is. I sweat my arse off and I'm miserable for the hour that I'm doing it but when I'm done, I feel amazing."

It all boils down to dedication, "There's no quick fix and it does take a long time. It drives you mad when you see someone eating chips when you can't have any, but it's so worth it."

Words of wisdom from Osbourne, "If you want to change your body you can't just diet; if you do that, you lose weight, then you get fat. You've got to commit to a whole life change and teach yourself a whole new lifestyle."

We recently sat down with fitness and nutrition guru Christopher Spafford, who shared his secrets for achieving a fabulous body and maintaining it -- videos after the jump:

Photo Credit: Nicky Johnston-Cosmopolitan Body