LeAnn Rimes Sings with Carly Rose Sonenclar: 'X Factor' VIDEO

leann rimes and carly rose sonenclar

WOW!  And we don't mean "wow, that was pure genius!"  Last night singer LeAnn Rimes took the stage on 'X Factor' for a duet with finalist Carly Rose Sonenclar.

It may just be us but it seemed clear that Carly Rose was the true star.  The 13-year-old prodigy out-performed the country celeb--who got her own start at a very early age.

Mentor Britney Spears called the 'How Do I Live' performance "shockingly amazing, so good, so good."  Maybe it sounded better live.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think of the performance:

Photo Credit: Video Screen Grab