'Survivor Philippines' Winner is Denise Stapley: VIDEO

denise staley wins survivor philippines

During the two-hour season finale of 'Survivor: Philippines' Sunday night, Iowa sex therapist Denise Stapley claimed the $1 million prize.

She was victorious against 'Survivor' veteran Michael Skupin and former teen actress Lisa Whelchel.

Stapley, a decidedly strong and feisty competitor, waved the check in the air and told show host Jeff Probst, "This is life-changing.  In Iowa, you can do a lot with this."

At the final Tribal Council, Denise took six of the eight votes, leaving the 'Facts of Life' celeb and Skupin tied for second place with one vote each.

Whelchel, who managed to keep her early fame a secret from most of her fellow competitors, turned out to be a winner too.  She was named the recipient of Sprint's $100,000 Player of the Season award, chosen by online fan voting, narrowly edging out California bartender Malcolm Freberg.

See the final vote on video below:

Photos:  FayesVision-WENN