Deadmau5 Proposes to Kat Von D Via Twitter

kat von d and deadmau5

Tattoo artist Kat Von D is engaged.  The reality show star accepted a marriage proposal that was delivered via Twitter by her boyfriend Deadmau5.

The Canadian music producer, aka Joel Zimmerman, posted the following on his Twitter page:

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  • kat von d twitter

After his proposal was accepted, the DJ tweeted, "Holy f***ing s--t. I'm engaged and stuff! Thanks for the well wishes and support from the horde and everyone else! Brb while i spend the rest of my evening with my future wife."

He still owes his fiancee a ring but he did share a photo of what she can expect:

kat von d engagement ring

Kat thanked her Twitter followers for their well wishes,  "Mi corazon! Thank you all for the lovely congratulations! Please excuse me while I go squeeze the hell out of my fiance!"

The couple hooked up in September and split for a while last month, at which time Kat tweeted,  "Man, I sure was wrong. But at least he made it a no-brainer to break that off. Lesson Learned.  Clarification: Deadmau5 and I are no longer together."

They have apparently ironed out all of the kinks and it's full speed ahead for the couple.

Photo Credit: WENN, Twitter-Kat Von D, Twitter-Deadmau5