Barbara Walters Grills Chris Christie About his Weight: VIDEO

barbara walters grills chris christie about his weight

During ABC's 2012 'Most Fascinating People' special last night, veteran interviewer Barbara Walters discussed the "elephant in the room" with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Bruce Springsteen's biggest fan landed in the number eight spot on BW's top ten list.  They talked about Hurricane Sandy, the fact that the governor openly embraced President Barack Obama a week before the election and Barbara even pointed out the fact that Chris Christie is morbidly obese.

She took a deep breath before asking, "OK, Governor.  I feel very uncomfortable asking you this question when I'm sitting opposite you ... but, you are a little overweight."

He replied, "More than a little."

Barbara looked incredulous and sighed, "Why?"

Christie said stoically, "Barbara, if I could figure that out I'd fix it."

She continued, "Do you try to diet?"

He trudged forward, "I've had more diets and lost and gained back more weight in my lifetime than I care to count."

Then Walters went for the jugular, "There are people who say you couldn't be president because of your weight.  What do you say to them?"

The governor said emphatically, "That's ridiculous."

Check out the entire interview.  The conversation dealing with his weight begins at 5:00 on the slider:

Photo:  Video Screen Grab