Shannen Doherty Calls 911 after Twitter Fan Threatens Suicide

shannen doherty thwarts twitter fan suicide

Shannen Doherty called 911 when a New Jersey fan threatened suicide on Twitter.

Doherty called police after receiving several messages on Twitter from a 27-year-old woman in Westhampton, NJ, who said she was going to shoot herself.

"This is going to sound incredibly strange,"the actress told a police dispatcher on the call. "My name is Shannen Doherty and I'm an actress. I am on Twitter, sadly, and there is a girl that is threatening to shoot herself and she lives somewhere over there. I'm completely untrained to deal with somebody threatening to commit suicide, especially via Twitter."

Doherty was able to coax the fan into giving her the address, and stayed on the line while officers went to the woman's home. Police met with the woman who said she had no intentions of actually harming herself.

The dispatcher appeared a bit star-struck at the end of the call, telling Doherty, "All my co-worker can't believe who I'm on the phone with. They all want your Twitter account."

Listen to 911 audio

photo: FayesVision/WENN