Hugh Hefner Will Try the Wedding Thing Again: Report

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Hugh Hefner is a live-and-let-live kinda guy, as evidenced by his willingness to plan a second wedding with his infamous runaway bride Crystal Harris.

The Playboy founder, 86, and his blonde girlfriend, 26, have decided to get hitched at the mansion, during a private ceremony for family and close friends on New Year's Eve.

Just five days before the May-December couple were planning to tie the knot in June 2011, Crystal beat feet and wasted little time spilling bedroom tales on Howard Stern's radio show, including the fact that their sex acts were short-lived and she had never seen Hef naked.

A year later Harris decided that the grass really was greener at the Playboy mansion.  She threw herself on the mercy of her former sugar daddy and he soon announced via Twitter that Miss Crystal was back in the fold.

While decorating the mansion for the holidays, Hef's fiancee tipped her hand on Twitter by sharing a photo of bride and groom Christmas ornaments.  She followed that up by tweeting, "Dear Past, thank you for all the lessons.  Dear Future, I'm ready."

crystal tweets bride and groom ornaments

Photos:  Twitter-Crystal Harris