Gabriel Aubry Reunited with Daughter Nahla: Report

father and daughter reunited

Canadian model Gabriel Aubry has been reunited with his 4-year-old daughter Nahla one day after making peace with his ex-girlfriend Halle Berry.

Lawyers from both sides met on Thursday and "reached an amicable agreement."  A written statement indicated that terms of the settlement would not be shared with the media.

Reports indicate that Halle agreed to pay Aubry's medical bills and legal fees and would not seek a permanent restraining order against him if he would agree not to seek a restraining order against her fiance Olivier Martinez, the man who beat him to a pulp on Thanksgiving.

It appears the actress feared that if Aubry's lawyer was successful in court, a judge would legally forbid her boyfriend from coming in contract with Aubry and Nahla ... a move that would have forced him to move out of Halle's residence.

The viciousness of the attack against the male model certainly suggested that French actor Martinez is harboring a great deal of anger because he can't move Halle and Nahla to live with him in Europe.  Judges aren't fools and it appears Halle was led to understand she was treading on thin ice.

For now a truce is on and Gabriel was allowed to pick his young daughter up from her preschool yesterday afternoon and presumably resume his custodial rights.

Check out the latest photo of the reunited father-daughter duo.

Photo:  WENN