Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Pranksgiving Prank: Tweets Best Friend's Phone Number

mike the situation sorrentino tweets peter petey d dicataldo pho

Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino "accidently" tweeted his phone number to his more than 1.4 million followers, however, it turns out it was no accident and the phone number wasn't his.

"732-939-2906-dm, don't give out, Sitch," Sorrentino posted, immediately following it up with, "Oo s::t."

Sorrentino followed up with several more comments, including, "Can't even pickup the phone ! It's ringing so much! FmL , We def got A Situation ! Btw good news the pix r well appreaciated lol."

Hours after reports went viral, The Situation informed his followers that he had just pulled the ultimate prank on his friend and trainer Petey D.

"Phone blew up haha good thing it wasn't mine!! That will teach @petey_d_ to mess with the master of pranks!! #pranksgiving #UKtour #gotcha," he tweeted. "His all network was so jammed for hours straight , it was unreal the amount of caller n texts ! I was flattered ! Luv u guys! Sitch."

"Im talkin thousands of calls n Messages it was crazy !"

"N it's still goin , worldwide lol SitchNation GtL."

"My best friends number Petey D."

Petey D is Peter DiCataldo. Shortly after the Sitch posted his phone number, DiCataldo tweeted, "my phone is blowing up right now??"

"might have a situation on hands...lol @ItsTheSituation," he tweeted to Sorrentino.

Happy Pranksgiving everyone. And yes, we tried the number.