Cindy Crawford Covers 'Shape' Magazine: PHOTOS

cindy crawford covers shape twice

Cindy Crawford graces the December 2012 cover of 'Shape' magazine and dare we say -- the 46-year-old model still looks quite extraordinary.

Twenty years ago Crawford was featured on a 1992 cover when she was 26 and comparing the two covers, it's easy to see that she just keeps getting better with age.

Her secret to looking good is all about fitness.  Cindy offered encouragement to other women with crazy schedules: "I think a lot of women have it in their heads that if they can't commit to a whole hour at the gym, then it's not worth the effort.  But that's not true.  Ten minutes is worth it, thirty minutes is worth it.  Whatever you have time for, it's better than nothing."

She cautioned, "Workouts should be energizing...not make you want to take a nap, so it's extremely important not to overdo it."

Check out her photo shoot video below:

Photos:  Facebook-Shape Magazine