Eva Longoria Rocks a Short Hairstyle: PHOTOS

eva longoria test drives a short do

Eva Longoria tweeted a teaser photo showing a sassy short hairstyle that she momentarily allowed her Twitter fans to think was the real deal.

Hollywood hairstylist Ken Paves and the actress vamped in an exaggerated pose that she captioned, "You guys like the new hairdo??"

It didn't take long before she added, "Ok I'm kidding, its a wig!  It's a @kenpaves hair piece!  Cool huh?"

Longoria has been wearing her hair up for most of her recent red carpet events.  We think she looks good in a short cut but we're guessing she won't be getting rid of her sexy long locks any time soon.

This little stunt is something that Paves and Jessica Simpson have done on a number of occasions - those pics here.

Photos:  WENN, Twitter-Eva Longoria