Lindsay Lohan Bails on Barbara Walters Interview

lilo wont risk hard questions from barbara walters

Lindsay Lohan will forgo a planned 20/20 interview with Barbara Walters that was supposed to promote her upcoming made-for-television movie Liz & Dick.

The new PR team of Rogers & Cowan feared their client, Lohan, would get backed into a corner regarding her June car crash on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Not willing to risk having to answer the hard questions that veteran journalist Walters fully intended to lob at the actress, Lohan's camp nixed the Nov. 16 sit down.

Police have reportedly determined that Lilo lied when she claimed she was not behind the wheel when her rented Porsche plowed into the back of a tractor trailer rig.

Their evidence includes eyewitness testimony from ER personnel who observed that the actress showed evidence of seat belt trauma on the left side of her neck ... consistent with what a driver and not a front seat passenger would experience during a crash.

Indications also suggest that Lindsay's assistant has also waffled about who was sitting where during the crash.

The Santa Monica City Attorney's office is expected to take action in the case within the next few days.  If she is charged with a crime by the prosecutor, Lohan would face the wrath of L.A. Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner for violating her 2011 parole for shoplifting.  Her Honor warned the actress during her last probation hearing that any unlawful activity could land her back in jail.

Liz & Dick will premiere on Lifetime Nov. 25, 2012.

Photos:  WENN, Twitter