Drama for A&E 'Storage Wars' Star Dave Hester

dave hester

The popular A&E reality show 'Storage Wars' is making headlines over fresh claims that the show is fake and the storage units are stocked by producers.

Dave Hester, the breakout star of the show, is known for his signature bidding catchphrase "YUUUP!" and his big mouth.  Did it get him into trouble with A&E bigwigs?

Accusations of rigged bidding and planted storage items have swirled since the first season, but network exec's suspect that Hester has been involved in some of the trash talk.

When filming started up for the new season, Dave was nowhere to be seen.  An inside source alleged, "Dave was sent an option for the new season and then it was rescinded.  It’s turned into a big mess and some people on the show were convinced it was all going to end up in court."

The good news is that Hester's Twitter page has contained show references for the past week so it appears any issues have been resolved.

The show's fourth season will begin airing new shows on Dec. 4, 2012.

Photo Credit: Daniel Tanner-WENN