Did Charlie Sheen Threaten to Kill Former Assistant?

charlie sheen threats

A former assistant to 'Anger Management' star Charlie Sheen has filed charges with police claiming that the actor threatened to kill him with a Super 90 semi-automatic shotgun.

The disgruntled former employee filed a complaint on October 18 detailing a major falling out with his actor boss.  He told police he fears Charlie will murder him based on information regarding a threat he received.

This threat didn't come directly to the assistant, but is alleged to have been sent via text message from Charlie to a mutual friend.  It said, "I'll blow his head off with my Super 90."

The case in under investigation and it is expected that Charlie will be asked to provide his side of the story.

One of Charlie's pals told TMZ, "The accuser is a dishonorably discharged military person with multiple probation violations who is trying to shake him down for money."

Photo Credit: I.Kavanaugh-WENN