Celebrities Weigh In via Twitter After VP Debate

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Following the vice presidential debate Thursday night between Vice President Joe Biden and Republican challenger Rep. Paul Ryan, Twitter lit up with feedback courtesy of the masses.

After listening to the 90-minute discussion that covered Medicare, Iran, taxes and abortion, a number of high-profile celebrities joined the throng of tweeters who felt compelled to share their opinions.

Barack Obama watched from Air Force One and shared the above photo on his Twitter page with this tweet: "Tonight proved once again that you won't find a better and more tireless advocate for the middle class than @JoeBiden. - bo"

Bill Maher: "Biden is hitting, in one answer, all the things Obama left out in the entire first 90 minute debate."

Kirstie Alley, "Liking this debate!... ruff!"

Roger Ebert: "I vote for Martha Raddatz to moderate all the debates."

Bethenny Frankel: "I can't watch this debate without thinking about these two candidates being mocked on SNL this Saturday."

Rob Lowe: "Was that a 'You're no Jack Kennedy' moment from Ryan?"

Meghan McCain: "This debate is blood sport.  Crossfire style. Don't know how this will change swing voters minds ... enjoying Martha though."

Samantha Bee: "I'm listening to the debate on the radio so I can't see anything.  Biden's wearing leather pants, right? Please say yes."

Bill Rancic: "Wow...what a battle we are watching tonight in this debate."

Piers Morgan: "Wow.  Biden is radiating a lethal smirk... Trouble is, I don't think this is a good subject to be lethally smirking about.  Keep it serious, Joe."

Dane Cook: "This debate gives me the same uneasy feeling I had during the entire gangsta rap era."

Andy Cohen: "This poor kid debating Biden!!! His flag pin is shiny though!"

Josh Groban: "Everyone has an opinion.  That's awesome. #vote."

Jeffrey Ross: "Who else is ending a long day by watching two guys argue about the fate of the world?"

Photo:  Twitter-Barack Obama