Kate Gosselin Lawyers Halt Controversial Tell-All Sales

lawyers stop controversial kate gosselin tell all

Score one for Kate Gosselin.  Amazon pulled the plug on their newest Kindle download 'Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World" after two high-profile law firms fired off cease and desist demands to author Robert Hoffman.

Two days after Amazon started offering Kindle downloads of the controversial e-book, they backed off after learning that Hoffman likely used illegal means to obtain TLC network contracts, personal emails and other copyrighted material from a personal journal and a computer hard drive that he reportedly scavenged from Kate Gosselin's trash.

The salacious catch phrases used to promote the book included inferences that the mother of eight was "a child abuser, animal abuser, racist and a functioning alcoholic."

Hoffman, a freelance reporter, told Radar, "I can tell you that I respect the legal system and won't be distributing the book outside of Amazon unless it is cleared by the lawyers and Amazon first.  The last thing I want to do is break any laws, and it has yet to be determined if that has been the case."

He insists, "All of my information regarding Kate Gosselin used in the book was obtained by me personally through completely legal means.  The book contains about ten percent of what was found in the computer files.  There is so much more that hasn't been revealed.  I also have physical and photographic evidence to back up my claims in the book."

The author claims he sent copies of his evidence to Pennsylvania Child Protection Services twice in 2010.  The fact that Kate continues to have primary custody of her children suggests they weren't impressed with his allegations.

So far his "pal" Jon Gosselin, Kate's ex-husband, has not commented publicly.

Photos:  WENN, Amazon Book Promo