Salma Hayek Ogled by Oliver Stone: 'Savages' Premiere PHOTOS

oliver stone smitten with salmas chest

During a photocall for the premiere of 'Savages' at the Mandarin Oriental in London, film director Oliver Stone feigned a look of disbelief as he posed with actress Salma Hayek during the red carpet event.

Hayek was wearing a revealing dress that appeared to give Stone pause as they vamped for photographers who were only too eager to capture the shot.

Also on hand was a decidedly dapper looking John Travolta, who struck a hands-on-hips modeling pose while sporting a hat and dark glasses.  Subsequent pics revealed his signature helmet hairdo that reminds us of 'Star Trek' icon Mr. Spock.

hands on hips everyone

The 'Savages' cast has been traveling the globe promoting the film throughout Europe and beyond, following a marginally successful July release in the U.S.

Photos:  Lia Toby