Jonah Hill and Ali Hoffman Split: Dustin's Daughter

jonah hill and alexandra hoffman split

Jonah Hill of 'Moneyball' fame has ended his relationship with Alexandra Hoffman after the eight-month romance cooled.

The 28-year-old actor hooked up with Ali when he vacationed with actor Dustin Hoffman and the rest of his family in Hawaii over the Christmas holiday.

Things clicked for the young couple and they attended the SAG Awards and walked the red carpet together at the end of January.

Hill actually owes a great deal to Ali's father, who helped him to land a role in 'I Heart Huckabees' in 2004.

He first crossed paths with Hoffman's kids at Crossroads High School in Santa Monica.  The family forged a relationship that has endured for nearly a decade.

The '21 Jump Street' celeb previously paid his girlfriend the ultimate compliment when he remarked during an interview, "Ali is the greatest person I know."

Photo:  WENN