Al Roker Slams Matt Lauer: "You Throw One of Us Under the Bus"

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Things got a little contentious this morning between Al Roker and Matt Lauer as they where chatting it up with three U.S. Olympic rowers who stopped by the TODAY show plaza.

All of the co-hosts, including newcomer Savannah Guthrie, were lined up while Matt talked with the ladies about some of their post-race traditions as a photo flashed on the screen showing the group flinging a teammate into the water.

Lauer quipped, "The tradition here in NY is you throw her in the Hudson River."

Co-host Al Roker joked, "Which is different than OUR tradition ... which is you throw one of us under the bus, but that's another story."

There was nervous laughter as Guthrie instinctively slapped him on the arm.

Al's remark appears to be a not-so-subtle reference to the fact that Lauer asked NBC executives to remove Ann Curry from her post because he wasn't feeling the love and blamed her for a slip in ratings.

In the aftermath, she barely acknowledged Matt last week at the London Games during her brief on-air appearance with her former colleague.

TODAY has posted a brief video clip from this morning but they've already edited out the Roker jab.  Will Al be called on the carpet over what he blurted out?

Check out the zinger clip below:

Photo:  Video Screen Grab